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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Projects: Skeletor Mask

I have talked before about being inspired by Pixel-Dan's Mosquitor t-shirt, (where'd he get that from by the way?). I've been looking around the net for other symbol t-shirts because I think they would make a great base with which to build a costume theme around. So far I managed to find these.

I really liked the battle armour he-man and Skeletor symbol shirts (shown above) and decided to attempt a skeletor mask. (I figured if I can perfect that one, then I could make any character after that - he is the hardest to do in my opinion). I have seen loads of Skeletor fan art that could be made into some 'fan-tastic' masks, (excuse the pun), however for my first attempt I was keen to pay homage to the original incarnation of this character, which for me was how he looked in the filmation cartoons. My first early attempts so far are working out really well. I have made a rough mock-up to test the jaw, which is a separate part and seems to be functioning as predicted. It's still catching in a few places but nothing I can't sort out given time. Will post a video of it when this mask is finished. What do you think so far though?

My rough mock-up testing the jaw motion


Maine Feldspar Families and Feuds said...

Nice! Another fine papercraft mask I would buy, given the opportunity. Seriously would make a nice cosplay to Comic-Con. (P.S. also want the Classic Cyberman Helmet.)

J-f said...

Awesome... Cant wait to see this one in live action

Unknown said...

So awesome. I'm trying to be Skeletor for HW. Any chance you can post even prototype instructions in time?

Anonymous said...

Hello! This mask is awesome, they should use it for the next MOTU movie.
Are you distributing the file for printing and building?

Baxter Stockman said...

Hey any chance of doing comission work. I really love your Skeletor mask with moveable jaw. any chance of buying these from you in the near future?


Monster's Ink said...

Willing to share The file ? Jbgillund@gmail.com

Lenara Polonio Navacchi said...

you could share the file please?
share in my email felipencrivelaro@hotmail.com

Shilo Turri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vianny said...

This mask is aweosome!
You could share the file please?
Share in my email topanga_1227@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Pls send me this file in this email: slenderfan1299@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi I am looking to get this also for a build Im working on

My address is sjdavison92@hotmail.com

Any chance I could attempt this file?

Deivid said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, Awesome work, can you share it the model file
my email is asterian75 at gmail.

Martin Morency said...

Awesome model. I loved that show as a kid and Skeletor was my favorite character.
I was wondering if you would share the file to make the mask. My mail is 3dm2-cg@videotron.ca. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This model looks amazing. Can you please share the model with me? My mail is 6ru5vejn@gmail.com. I'm making a skeletor costume for a party.

Anonymous said...

still have that model? hope so. mechanical.sbk@gmail.com

Hettore S. said...

Awesome model!
Can you please share the model with me? Hettores@gmail.com
Thank You

Anonymous said...

By any chance could you send the model to givemeyourpies@gmail.com ? I would love to make this amazing model.

Unknown said...

My mail is jruizmorales236.jr@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I would love the file if you still have it! Can you send it to l_woody@yahoo.com please? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

If it isn't a hassle could I get a copy of the skeletor mask file and to delete this comment if you send it? My email is givemeyourpies@gmail.com