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Friday 28 March 2014

Projects: Cyberman Part-5

Quick update: After several attempts (pictured above), I have now finally solved the back panel issue on my Cyberman helmet. and the best thing about my solution is that you are able to simply slide the whole thing on over your head without the need for a detachable panel like the actual props used to have. It is a tight squeeze mind you (if your head is as big as mine) but, if it fits me then it'll fit the rest of you with relative ease.

This took a little longer to resolve than I'd hoped and was due to the fact that the back panel had an impact on seven connecting panels within the mask design. Each of those panels had to be reshaped in specific areas and re-tested to make sure their new shapes connected correctly when glued together again. Now that job has been completed I can simply finish those last couple of sections in the Cyberman instruction manual and that job will also be completed too.

I am still keen to use metallic card for these kits similar to what I had used for my the Klytus mask kit. Your can't print on this type of card though so the only major thing left for me to do is to custom build an embossing tool that'll indent the ribbing pattern onto the card for each of the ear sections instead.

I have chosen metallic matt silver card for an Earthshock version and a metallic chrome finish card for a Silver Nemesis version of this mask...

...Not long now - EXCITING!!! :)

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Projects: Cyberman Part-4

A few people have been messaging me asking how my Cyberman mask project is coming along so, I thought I'd just post a quick sneak peek of where I'm at.

Coming back to this project with a fresh set of eyes as it t'were (after quite a long break) I did manage to spot a few minor errors with my net patterns that had to be corrected following on from Part-2 of this project. Now that's done. I am currently working hard completing this kits assembly guides. (I've reached the numbering of all the components stage) making sure it all works correctly by assembling another mask again. This time following my assembly guides in the order that I have illustrated them.

This is shaping up to be a pretty big kit. For a full size wearable Cyberman helmet all the components currently fit onto twenty-one A4 pages. There are a few more pages to add because I still have to redesign the back plate of this helmet. (been putting that job off though)

The original doctor who props were bolted onto the Cybermen performers during the production of the Earthshock Doctor who episodes. Luckly paper and card has a little more give to them than ridged fiberglass so the back panel is smaller and neater than on actual prop but I just need to figure out an elastic or velcro quick release equivalent so you can get in and out of my mask easily and safely... :-)

Keep your comments coming. They only make me work faster ;-)
What are you planning to do with my mask once you have assembled one for yourself..?

Saturday 11 January 2014

Projects: Cyberman Part-3

2014 will see the rebirth of the Cybermen