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Monday, 30 September 2013

Project: Kryten Head prop 1:1 scale Part 3

There must be another Red Dwarf convention on the horizon because once again my inbox has a handful of requests all demanding that I simply give them the plans to my Red Dwarf models because... (insert reason here).

I kinda stopped replying to these requests because for one, it's a little disheartening to find out that they're only really interested in all your hard work, "if it's free",  and again in some instances, that they actually don't want to make it in card but prefer un-environmentally friendly materials like plastic, metal, resin or latex?  Those types of materials alone cost a fortune, and yet they don't want to reward all my hard work having developed the kit in the first place. A kit which they now wish to use plus have my instructions available to show them how to make it ????

There's only so many times I can give the same answer before I end up loosing the will to live - hay?.  Ironically, it costs money to give stuff away for free on the internet. what with bandwidth and storage charges etc.  It's all very confusing to me at the moment and I haven't found a suitable 'business model' to this problem as yet. apart from being directly commissioned to make things for people, which I'm thrilled to do. Like the Klytus mask for example. Peoples interest in that project was a huge incentive for me as an artist and the funds have enabled me to develop more things for these patrons.

If anyone out there has any alternative suggestions as to how I can best disseminate these projects please let me know in the comments below and I'll post a questionnaire up on this blog to see what the majority of you would be in favour of.

That being said, all your Red Dwarf requests have not gone ignored either, I have been desperately trying to find the right home on the internet for these models so that all you Red Dwarf fans are able download them for free, (as requested), but with out it having to cost me anything in the process. However, I too have been met with nothing but silence on the matter. I have been on the BBC Red Dwarf forums, even tweeted Robbert Llewelyn at one point. who was interested but is so busy, (bless him), it must have just slipped his mind. Interestingly enough he was doing a book signing at the London MCM Expo this year, so I took this opportunity to go up there and present him with my fully assembled/hand made, life size Kryten paper portrait. (I found the perfect home for this model that day - hay!). He tweeted me this picture a couple of days later...

I have now just sent a message to the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club to see if they would be interested in hosting these files for you all to download and do with as you please, no response as yet but, (fingers crossed).  Remember I'm a big Red Dwarf fan too and if I could find the right home for this stuff it just might be the right incentive for me as an artist to continue to complete and develop more Red Dwarf paper projects for you all to enjoy but, if no one beyond a small hand full of fans shows any interest on official forums or at conventions then the likelihood of any "official" site seeing the potential of these designs to help drive more traffic to their websites are greatly diminished, they'll think your just not interested enough in this type of stuff...



Liam Clayton said...

This is amazing I would love to make one for myself

James Ford said...

Yeah, wow, this is quite awesome. I've done some modelling myself, and I keep meaning to get around to making a Rimmer bobblehead to add to my collection... Anyway, I wonder, did you ever get contacted by the RDFC or anyone else? The fan club tend to take an eternity to reply to anyone, so I wouldn't feel too spurned. There's a small community on Reddit (at reddit.com/r/reddwarf) though beware if you've not been to reddit before, as there are some darker corners of the internet there (as well as some of the lighter ones). Anyway, a post on there would likely find some support, and I suspect that there would be people willing to crowdsource payment for the models. Obviously once the 3d models were released then they'd be gone, and you'd be able to find them online for free (likely as not), so you'd be best asking the amount you'd be happy to have for each model. Another tip since I have absolutely no idea how much you're into this stuff, but you mentioned people wanted to use them to create other things: that's probably 3d printing. 3d printing isn't great for the environment, no, but it does create some wonderful models, and it's precisely the same process factories use, so it's not a surprise people want to use it. Anyway, the actual tip was that if people are going to want to use the models for that, they should be a standard format and they particularly absolutely have to be manifold.

Sorry if that's just useless information you already know. Anyway, awesome work there.