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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Projects: Klytus Mask 2.0

Doesn't seem that long ago since I first decided to attempt to sculpt a version of the Klytus mask in craft card. Who'd of though it'll be so popular. I must have made at least 14 now for people all over the world. One of you, (you know who you are), liked is so much that he even bought a second one...

Thank you for your support and encouragement you have collectively inspired me to help you all complete your costume aspirations buy designing and making the Klytus gold arm portion of this costume. Although it's been a struggle as reference images of his arm are hard to find, I am pleased to announce it is finally ready. I have made two of them already with a third well on it's way, which I'm hoping to be able to film the construction of for my youtube channel.

Want to see what it looks like..?


I had to redesign the arm several times in SketchUp after having made the first paper version and again after having made the second paper version till I got it just about right. There were a few interesting issues that I had discovered developing this arm. One was that your elbow joint actually twists in. It's not positioned at 90 degrees to your shoulder joint like in say an action figure perhaps. The other really difficult bit was designing the hand. Trying to sculpt that very stylised geometric shape around an organic from.  The Gold arm a tight fit on me but Im a kinda large(isn) bloke so, hopefully it'll fit most of you with out much trouble. I would say you may need some help dressing into costume, it'll be tricky to do with only one arm/hand left  :-)

The arm does have some slight articulation (but not much) in the fingers wrist and elbow. Klytus never moved this arm in the Film so that's Ok really. Two sections on the glove have also been elasticated to help you slide your hand through the wrist opening. (again, my hands are quite wide so shouldn't be a problem for most of you).  I would suggest waring a black cotton or spandex sleeve/glove and then maybe using some velcro to help hold the gold arm in place onto that sleeve?

SO, what do you think?  Two people have already placed and order for their Klytus gold arm. For all of you who have already bought a Klytus mask from me, this Klytus gold arm will only cost you £57 to cover my time the materials and of course shipping too. For every one else interested, the Klytus mask and arm combined will now cost £150 for this lovingly hand crafted set because the materials and shipping costs have all gone up since this project began.