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Monday, 24 November 2008

Project: Xenomorph Part-1

I stumbled upon Jan Rukr's 'Aliens Papercraft' website a few years ago. It's well worth a look. There are some impressive free models you can download & make including, a full scale model of the Pulse Rifle from the Aliens film. The only things missing from the site I felt, was the Aliens... So, I starting to formulate a cunning plan...

This image has always stuck with me for some reason? It's from issue 2 of Trident's Aliens comic, March 1991. Ambitious! I hear you say... well, in the end I though so too and opted for plan B...

A full scale paper Alien Facehugger in a cryogenic specimen tank... Say WHAT!! - I hear you say... Well, as I had mention earlier in my blog, Sketch-Up has enabled me to explore projects which I had previously abandoned...

I'm getting pretty good at Sketch up now don't you think? :-)