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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Project: Kryten Head prop 1:1 scale

I love Red Dwarf and have long thought that the angler shape of Kryten's head could be made into a rather convincing paper model. I decided to start this project shortly after being made redundant to cheer me up in between a rather disheartening spell of job hunting.
Kryten, (pictured left), for those not in the know, is a series 4000 Mechanoid from the BBC's popular Sci-Fi comedy series Red Dwarf, the actor Robert Llewellyn is the man behind the mask...

What I especially like about Kryten is that over the 8 seasons of the show his character has developed many facets.
My initial concept was to develop a basic paper model of Kryten and encourage the fans to customise it, adapting my basic design into their personal favorite variation of Kryten. However, as time went on I became a bit obsessive over this particular paper sculpt, constantly trying to get the look just right.
My perfectionist obsession has seriously dragged this project out. The real problem I started to realize was that with each season the characters make up effects kept changing, so each new reference picture I found of him to help me resolve the issues I was having meant that my paper sculpture constantly evolved too...

Frustrating times indeed...