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Monday, 14 November 2011

Projects: My old degree projects

He's a blast from my past. During my degree I was obsessed by the game, Worms. After a while I started to notice of the shear volume of packaging used to sell computer games. Back in those days the internet was in it's infancy and very slow, so the idea of being able to download a large files was nothing more than a pipe dream. It would have taken days, not the minuets we're used to now-a-days.

The excess packaging sparked an idea based on the premise that when a consumer has the CD at home the only type of packaging really required would be a dust jacket.

So, Set about thinking about how to create a recyclable protective case. This is what I came up with...
A Plastic snap together model kit of the computer games character from Worms. The idea being that the plastic case protects the CD during shipping and transport. When the model has been made all that remains is a poster/assembly instruction guide and dust jacket all within one single folded sheet. As I recall it sparked quite an argument between two of my Lecturer's. One pointed out that you could have four different characters packaging the same product and the consumer would by the product four times just to collect all the models. The other lecturer was somewhat horrified by that notion.

Still wishing to perfect my design further I had to address the only flaw in my cunning idea. Because the nature of this packaging, it made for a rather uneven surface, preventing packing large quantities of them into boxes for transport from the manufacturers to suppliers and on to retail outlets. So, I amended the design a chose to wrap the CD in layers of card instead of plastic. Same principle but with a more environmentally friendly material, What do you think?