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Friday, 27 September 2013

Project: Starbug

During my computer file sort out I also found this rather interesting project. I totally forgot all about this one. It must have been around the time I was trying to figure out an interesting way to make a Starbug model in card. This design was based on a concept sketch, (I think it was a concept they had presented for the despair squid episode). The sketch is featured within one of the Red Dwarf DVD extras I seem to recall. I took a screen grap of it, (pictured above), and as I had already modelled Starbug in SketchUp at that point I must have thought it would be fun to convert my SketchUp file to see what Starbug 4: Sea Bug would have looked like in 3D. I quite like this idea, though if it were me, I'd maybe have Starbug 4 float on the surface and then utilise it's centre section as some type of diving bell which could be winched up and down from within the floating Starbug 4 platform...

What do you think?