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Friday, 30 January 2009

Project: Kryten Head prop 1:1 scale Part2

A new enthusium for this project came over me resently and I have finally reached a point where I'm happy with it. I've included Kryten's flip top head feature as seen in season 7 - "a tika to ride" which reveals his brain as it t'were.

All I have to do now is complete the assemvbly instruction and to find an approprate place on the web for you all to download make and enjoy my model. Personally would like to customise it now, turning him into "jake Bullet" Kryten's private eye alta ego.


clayton1988 said...

hi would you please send me the plans and instructions for kyrton head it will be much appreciated thanks.

Sean said...

have you uploaded the plans. Would love to attempt the assembly of this.

Chipped Sapphire said...


A friend and I have bought tickets to dimension jump. We are going as Cat and Kryten. I would be really grateful if you could send me the plans for this so that I can adapt it to make a Kryten headdress for my friend to wear.

Obviously as this will have taken you such a long time to put together you will appreciate the time expenditure involved.

If you are happy to send this to me please could you do so at
lestats.sapphire@live.co.uk with "Kryten" in the subject line.

Thank you so much in anticipation.

best wishes for the New Year

jimjimith said...

if you could send me the plans or upload them anywhere u would be an absolute legend im even willing to pay a little email me at jimjimith@yahoo.co.uk your one of the best designers of papercraft out there and i would love to build all of your red dwarf crafts and some others

theevilone said...

hi would you please please send me the plans and instructions for kyrtens head and any other dwarf stuf you have compleated it will be much appreciated thanks. (keiththeevilone@googlemail.com)

markbillen said...

Amazing work, very, VERY nice development of the paper craft.

I will jump on the wagon here and add that if you could upload the plans for the Kryten head I would really appreciate it (I used to own an original made-for-production Kryten mask before I had to sell it last year). Even better, if you could email me the files as markbillen @ btinternet.com (without the spaces obviously) I would be extremely grateful.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!
Please upload the plans or email them to me at beans_on_toast_4@hotmail.com

Bob806 said...

Hi, your idea of kryten head is brilliant. I'd like to create the head too, but I don't know, how to do it.
Could you send me your fantastic project to my e-mail charvatt806@gmail.com ? Thanks much,
Your fan from CZE.

Jamie said...

Hi there. I've just discovered your site. It's brills skills!

I'd like to do a Krytyen head for halloween (Cutting it extremely fine I know). Was wondering if you had uploaded the 'how to' anywhere or if you could possibly send it to me? T'would be massively appreciated.

Many thanks,

Jamie Macdonald

JEZZMUND said...

Hi, just wondering if you uploaded your plans anywhere or perhaps are willing to share or indeed sell them?
I'd love to make my own from scratch...
Thanks kindly
Jezzmund at gmail.com

Wayne Bowns said...

Has anyone received a copy of the plans for this yet ?

Glen said...

Nope, not yet!

But I did go to the London MCM Expo - London comic con over the weekend.


and met Robert Llewellyn in person. I shook his hand and gave him my Paper Kryten Model, (the only one I've made so far).
He was very impressed and in return gave me a signed copy of his book, "The Man in the Rubber Mask". which I wasn't expecting at all but was very grateful for. :-) 'What a guy...' ;-)


I think I might try making a Jake Bullet next...

Kry10 said...

Glen, I will be going to the MCM Expo in Manchester, Robert Llewllyn will be there as will Chris Barrie, Hattie Haydridge and Judy Pascoe, I have met Robert once with my Kryten Head and will be meeting him again with it.