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Friday, 21 November 2008

Project: Life-Sized Human Brain Part 1

This seemed a good idea in the beginning and number two on my childhood creative paper model wish list... There's just something appealing to a young lad about a brain in a glass jar bent on revenge... :-)

From Left to right; Boskov - Evil Con Carne,
Krang - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Alien Brain - The Fiend Without a Face, and Cain - Robocp 2

My inital sketch model works well enough, it even fits into my paper skull model (bit of a tight squeeze - maybe I've a bit more tweeking to do on it...) but, what really I could'nt figure out is how to get the artwork onto this complex paper model... I don't want to map a texture onto the computer modeled version they always come out stretched, blured and horrid. No, I want bright crisp and colourful arworks like those on my greetings cards.
In order to get the artwork to aline correctly maybe I'll need to simplify the shape even more... (?)

Oh well, I'll think of something. Till then I've put this project of mine 'on the back burner' for now... will come back to it later when I have a few graphic illustrator friends knocking at my door wanting a challenge - he,he,he - evil laugh :-)