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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Speculative ideas: My Weetabix cut out model

Before my time making greetings cards I had sent several speculative designs off to Weetabix, in an attempt to get cut out models back onto cereal boxes. Excess waste was fast becoming a public concern who's focus seemed to settle on the food industry. I thought that cut out and make models seemed an ideal way to re-use the cardboard packaging...
One of my ideas was based on the popularity of the TV show "The X-Files." I dubbed it, The W-Files... Utilizing the whole box and not just the back of it, you could cut out and make a filing cabinet. In each packet of Weetabix would also be cards and stickers to collect so you could build up your case files of the wired and supernatural...
I even played with the logo to suit the X-file theme - crop circles seemed apt.

This and my other designs for Weetabix were forwarded to Jones Knowles Ritchie Ltd, a London based design consultancy firm responsible for the Weetabix account. I had no idea at the time, but they were updating the Weetabix branding as well, to the new lozenge shaped logo you see today.

They sent me a nice letter in reply - and I quote...

"In general we thought you had some very imaginative
ideas and the thoughts behind these concepts show a
genuine passion for the brand..."

"Your ideas show clear thinking and it is nice to see
that you have thought beyond the pack itself and
transferred the branding onto other things
such as the filing cabinet...."

John Ewles, Jones Knowles Ritchie Ltd, 25th/10/2000.

Never fear... I'll get one of my paper models onto the back of a Weetabix packet one of these days - mark my words!!! :-)