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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Project: The Mk-1 Bazookoid. Stage1

I'm not really a gun fanatic but figured that any self respecting Red Dwarf fan will need this classic prop from the show to create a 'proper' fan film or to add that finishing touch to their Red Dwarf costume. I think that's is more a mining tool than weapon anyway...

Originally, this prop had two handles, one either side, and joined to an accompanying back pack by two thick tubes. Throughout each season this prop kept eviolving to the point where they opted to start over and recreate a smaller version from scratch - (the Mk-2)

Have completed my 3D model of the Mk-1 in Sketch-up and designed it in such a way that you'll be able to cock the bazookoid just as they do in the show. Had thought of making it shoot ping pong balls but, decided that this model will be complicated enough for now so, have gone straight on to making the first draft model of it out of paper...