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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Project: Talkie Toaster part1

I thought I would try to recreate the Talkie Toaster prop from Red Dwarf because I could envision many a fan wanting to recreate their own Youtube version of the infamous.., "no baps, bagels, buns..." gag from the show. This particular version is the one which Kryten had reconstructed as part of his experiment.

Making a quick three dimensional model of it in Sketch-up was simple enough, and after making my first version of it in paper I decided to complicate things a bit for myself - (yet again).
I felt that this model should move to encourage the fan to use it. So, I'm now in the process of converting this model into a paper automaton. If all goes to plan the side handles and toast should move up and down plus the front light display panel should also look like its changing pattern - as if talkie was a talking...

lets hope my cunning plan works - I'm on my third attempt so far... but, it's looking good!