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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Projects: Cyberman Costume - Part-3

It has been a while since I last worked on this project. The last thing I remember doing was completing the back plate section and finalizing the nets ready to be illustrated. Then I got distracted trying to find better ways to turn this and other models into chrome foiled kits. A process which I've wanted to do ever since my Iron Man mask.

I find inkjet printers father restrictive in terms of quality and finish. I know that professional printers can achieve some really great effects that could really enhance the look and feel of my contemporary pop-craft. Finishes like a proper metallic chromed foils, or glow in the dark inks...

Back then I had constructed the Iron Man mask using just standard craft foil card, which as it turned out, was a nightmare to get the two foiled surfaces to stick together properly, which they never did in the end. Over time that red chrome Iron Man mask simply fell apart on me. - Doh!

However after all this time I finally managed to figure out a solution. It is possible to add chrome foil to my card, and only where I needed it, leaving the glue flap surfaces free. Even tested it out on my Key of Thundera kit and successfully managed to create a gold foil version. (I should post that on here too thinking about it). Sadly for me it's a process which I can't replicate cost effectively and turn into made-to-order kits right now, especially for this Cyberman kit. For one thing it is a full scale, wearable Cyberman head that currently requires twelve A3 sized sheets of my card to get all the components set out correctly. The only way I can really see of achieving this type of finish to my kits is to get a licensing company on board to help with the manufacture and distribution. and the only way I can do that, is to prove that there is a market for my pop-craft.

The Chrome foil process is a technique which I'm keen to revisit and finally be able to mass produce some day, but in the end I've decided to crack on and complete a set of illustrated artworks for my Cyberman, in between working on the graphics for the Sword of Omens as well. Between these two projects I am starting to figure out some really good techniques for illustrating metal surfaces using illustrator. Just need to perfect that gloss sheen. Still, you can never be quite sure if you have shaded it all correctly until all the parts are cut out and the kits is once more assembled together. It is a long process, but I can't wait to see this one fully illustrated though - exciting!