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Glen creates Pop-Craft. Professional custom-made model kits using craft materials for the internets growing Fan-Film & Cosplay communities to reproduce and utilise within their own creative endeavors. Careful attention to detail guarantees the highest quality and craftsmanship in every paper kit he produces.
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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Projects: The Key of Thundera - Stage 3

After having rescaled the key down to a more appropriate size. The next step was to finalise the net patterns making sure that the components fitted together correctly and designed in a manned to make it easier to construct, it was then time to start creating the artwork for this key. Quite a challenging task as I ended up going through quite a few colour combinations and even went as far a buying a new printer, because I just wan't getting the right colours to print out correctly. I guess this would have been made simpler if I had a pantone colour guide, but even then the colours were completely different depending on which type and brand of printer you used. It's surprising how much they can vary. The worst colour of them all was red. Which, when the colour of your main featured emblem was that colour it became quite frustrating and the enthusiasm soon wore thin. In an ideal world I would have an illustrator and artworker to hand to deal with these frustrations, leaving me free to focus on the construction and mechanics of creating this style of paper craft. Sadly I'm having to do everything myself so I guess I'd just have to grin and bare it for the time being… An interesting challenge though and it's always good to know that if i'm forced to do the artwork, I can...