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Monday, 31 October 2011

Projects: The Key of Thundera - Extra features

Have been frantically searching for a gemstone to fit this model but couldn't find one the correct size and shape. i guess it would have to be custom made for this kit and something I can't afford to do at the moment. This wasn't my only irritation with this project. Whilst creating the artwork for the Key, it was also time to think about some other issues like how on earth I'm going to get my kits to the fans. I started to think of two possibilities. One was to create a book which had all the elements you need, the pars and instructions, but I also came up with the idea that the cover of this book could look like they were pages from the book of Omens. If all my Thundercats projects were presented the same way and you collected them all you would eventually be able to assemble the entire book of omens. The final piece to this collection of models. A fantastic idea, but one I can't afford to do on my own. To achieve that, these projects will need proper investment from a licence holder so that they could be mass-produced to cover the cost of their production.

My second plan was to create a large poster which folded around the printed sheets of the kit. On one side would be the assembly instruction and on the other would be a fantastic image of Mumra and Lion'o fighting. One holding the sword, the other the key… Once again to costly to for me to achieve with out the official backing of a licence holder - Doh! So frustrating!!!