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Glen creates Pop-Craft. Professional custom-made model kits using craft materials for the internets growing Fan-Film & Cosplay communities to reproduce and utilise within their own creative endeavors. Careful attention to detail guarantees the highest quality and craftsmanship in every paper kit he produces.
Why not join in the fun and become part of this community. If your a cosplayer, film-maker, artist, "actor", or are just looking for something creative to do then he has lots of exciting ideas and bespoke projects to help inspire you in the production of your own affordable fan-film, Mockbuster or Mash-up.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Projects: Sarah-Jane - Stage 2

Behold! - the centre section of Thirty/Thirty's beloved giant energy rifle, Sarah-Jane. This rough mockup was constructed to test some of the construction methods I had chosen to use. Eventually I'll re-design the nets to smooth out the shapes because I'm not a huge fan of these large faceted surfaces. Now I have it in hand, I can also see where some structural corrections are needed and am not overly happy with some of the visible seams either, which will have to be disguise some how or I may have to change the nets again to erase the need for them to be in that position altogether. This is proving to be quite a structural challenge purely because of it's sheer size. Can't wait to get around to constructing the other sections and piecing it all together. It is going to be well over 6 foot tall when finished I think. There are two additional parts that attach to the top and bottom of this centre section which will make this part, (pictured top left), even BIGGER. I refer to the 'turbo booster'…

I think you hobbyists are really going to enjoy the challenge of making this beast…