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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Projects: Sword of Omens - Thundercats HO!

Yep, you guest it. I have already made a start on the large version of Sword of Omens. For those not in the know, the Sword of Omens starts off as a small dagger which has the power of 'sight beyond sight'. I'm illustrating that model at the moment. Lion'O can then make the dagger grow into a large broadsword which he can use for battle and/or to send a signal flair overhead, to call the other Thundercats into action and his aid. The others only need follow that signal flair in order to find him. I'm really pleased with this so far. Been studying the cartoon transformation frame by frame to work out how to get my model to grow from the dagger to the broadsword. looking forward to seeing if I can pull this effect off. All I need to do after that is find someone to play, Lion'O. Any volunteers?